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  • What is CodeGenius?
    CodeGenius is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing STEM education and coding opportunities to children and youth.
  • Who can participate in CodeGenius programs?
    CodeGenius programs are designed for children and youth of all backgrounds, typically ranging from ages 10 to 17.
  • What programming languages do you teach?
    We offer instruction in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Scratch, JavaScript, and more.
  • How do I sign up for CodeGenius programs?
    You can sign up for CodeGenius programs through our website by filling out the registration form for the desired program.
  • Are there any prerequisites for joining CodeGenius programs?
    No, there are no prerequisites for joining our programs. We welcome participants of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners.
  • How can I support CodeGenius's mission?
    You can support CodeGenius's mission by volunteering your time, donating to our organization, or spreading the word about our programs in your community.
  • Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance for CodeGenius programs?
    Yes, we strive to make our programs accessible to all children, and we offer scholarships or financial assistance to those in need.
  • How can I get involved with CodeGenius as a volunteer or mentor?
    You can get involved with CodeGenius as a volunteer or mentor by contacting us through our website and expressing your interest.
  • What types of projects do participants work on at CodeGenius?
    Participants at CodeGenius work on a variety of projects, including coding challenges, robotics projects, app development, and more.
  • How does CodeGenius ensure online safety for participants?
    We prioritize the safety and privacy of our participants by implementing strict security measures and providing a safe online learning environment.
  • Can adults participate in CodeGenius programs?
    While our programs are primarily designed for children and youth, we may offer adult workshops or events on occasion. Check our website for updates.
  • How does CodeGenius support diversity and inclusion in STEM education?
    CodeGenius is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM education by providing opportunities for underrepresented groups and creating an inclusive learning environment for all participants.
  • Is CodeGenius affiliated with any other organizations or institutions?
    CodeGenius may collaborate with other organizations or institutions to expand our reach and impact, but we operate as an independent nonprofit organization.
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